Workshops Intuitive Nature Photography spring 2017

This year I started with my workshops sessions in the Oostvaardersplassen. My goal is to prepare nature photographers on all levels for their “trip of a lifetime”. It doesn’t matter where you go, the plains of Africa, the Amazon, Yellowstone or Iceland. What I try to teach people is to get used to being in contact with large wild animals. I want to stress the fact that the program I developed is very accessible for all levels of photographers. The only thing needed is the desire to get in touch with nature and wanting to and document that.

Why the Oostvaardersplassen?

It is one of the best locations I know worldwide to do this. Not only does it boast the largest herd of Wild Horses in Europe, it has large numbers of Red Deer and rarely seen wild Heck cattle. It is also one of the few places in the world that you can see Red Foxes hunting during daylight. On top of that an enormous amount of birds both resident as migratory.

The combination of the above and my intimate knowledge of the area and the seasonable the movement of the animals and birds offers me the unique opportunity to get you very close to truly wild animals. Using my 8-step program I will show you the basics on how to tackle making the best possible nature photograph given the situation you are in. But most importantly you will get used to that sensation of being very close to individual animals and how to use that energy to create that one special image. Just check out some of the close-ups I took during some of the workshops.

Purpose of the workshops:

All is meant to prepare you on that encounter with more exotic wildlife and maximizing your chance on coming home with that one fantastic image! Of course getting close to a cranky wild lead stallion or a skittish Red or Roe Deer doesn’t compare to getting close to a large predator. But the energy you get from a close encounter with any wild animal gives the same physical response. Getting used to that response means better control over yourself and consequently your thinking and your equipment. Giving you a better chance to express yourself in your images.

I will start scheduling new bi-weekly workshops in September/October so if you are interested please get in touch! Best way to reach me is via

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  1. Tim says:

    This workshop is great! Of course, we got there very early in the morning, so we had the chance to get really close to deer and a herd of horses. Andre is very knowledgeable, and we learned a lot from him. Not only about photography, but also about how to interect with wildlife.

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