Grumpy Camel…and recruitment?

After weeks of roaming the deserts around Jeddah without spotting a camel, this weekend I finally encountered a random herd. Of course I have seen the ‘ship of the desert’ during my stay in Saudi Arabia, but always in a conserved and unnatural manner. Never in the wild like this.

What I like about nature photography is the way it actually hones my observation skills. And the impact it has on my intuition and awareness of surrounding. Experience has taught me how a misinterpretation can result in broken equipment, scratches, bumps etc. So it’s kind of important to first observe the situation when trying to make that perfect shot.

Saudi-Camel© AVThis herd definitely got me on the tip of my toes, and along the way confirmed my conviction that all animals have their unique personalities. Because this particular female camel had decided I was just not cool. She first walked away while I was hopping around the rest of her family to get clear shots. Pesky things like electricity poles, the sun and my car where constantly spoiling the image, so I needed to move around a lot.

Until the camel lady decided she had enough of it and walked straight towards me. She changed her course when I changed position. When she determined the distance was to her satisfaction, she passed me. When I continued hopping around the stragglers again, Mrs. Camel was aggravated that I didn’t get the message, so she returned to repeat the exercise.

Prior to getting out of the car, I observed the area and the animals. I told my photography buddy of the afternoon,“that one is Grumpy, she doesn’t like me”. Her mood was noticeable in her stance, her posture, her everything. Which is also the case with people, as I experience in my job as interim recruiter. The first few seconds you will know whether there is a match or not. You look at posture, you look at the eyes. People are usually not aware of their body language and non-verbal gestures, but it is always more obvious than they intent.

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