Rhino spotting, Ziwa

Time flies when you’re having fun. And believe me, this is even more the case on a trip like this. We have only done one hike so far, but it feels as if we have been on the road for more than a week
My first hike this morning was without the group. My companions wanted to visit the swamp lands and I wanted to spend more time with the Rhino’s.

And that’s how I met Bella and her 3 month old calf called Sawedi. Sawedi was feisty and Bella a very understanding mother. Observing the interaction between the 2 fueled my optimism that these animals do have a chance of survival by way of this progam .

In the afternoon the group joined me on the last rhino hike. We met Bella and her cute baby again. It was funny to see how Sawedi completely had changed her behavior, just like any other child. She was a bit scared and nervous, staying close to her mother. We moved on to visit the group of females we saw yesterday.

I cannot stop elaborating about the amazing experience of getting so close to something as huge and ancient as a Rhino. And even more astonishing, how peaceful and at ease the animals are. They never felt threatened by us, so we did not have to feel threatened by them. Nothing but praise for the fantastic program in Ziwa and their dedicated guides and staff. Please donate to this program.

Tomorrow we travel to Murchinson Falls, where we will stay for a couple of days!

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