African experiences

While I am sitting on the porch writing this, I have a true African experience. A Tusker beer in front of me and in the background the unsettling yet comforting sound of lions grumbling in a bush not far away! There is simply no way to express how that makes you feel.

The impact of this trip is slowly building up, teaching me new lessons, revealing more and more about the fragility of natural balance.

We started the morning with seeing some giraffe’s. One giraffe still had a poaching snare embedded in it’s hind leg. We reported, moved on and immersed in more amazing sights. Such as an African Harrier Hawk raiding Weavers nests, lots of raptors with or without prey, giraffes “necking” in competition for dominance etc. Just youra day like any other days in African nature.

We end our visit to Murchinson Falls with another boat trip. This time to the falls from a downriver approach in a tour boat with a lot of different people.

The sad part of this trip was an Elephant lying in the Nile. It had a snare cut in its trunk and a heavily inflamed foot. The guides told us it had been there for 6 days, trying to recover and lying in the water to avoid pressure on the infected foot.

It makes you wonder if we should interfere? Should we either try to rescue the elephant and let it recover, or kill it to put it out of its misery? My human side screams: “YES, By all means, do whatever is necessary to help or cure this elephant. With elephant populations declining as fast as they do, EVERY individual counts!”. On the other hand, who are we to decide about the natural course of life and death. Nature just needs to take its course and have the fittest survive. Elephants do damage trunks or get hurt so it should either die or recover by itself. It’s an agonizing dilemma that will never have a simple answer.

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