Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

After a reasonable drive over well-built roads, we arrived in Ziwa around lunch time. Rhino’s tend to sleep during the hottest time of the day, so we had some time to kill in the compound garden.
The compound is a beautiful campsite with a big variety of birdlife. Some small black and white weavers I have never seen before and some bunting species. Besides the birds there is a myriad of different flowers.

Kampala, Uganda

So here I am, yet another African country in another African nature photography adventure. I arrived 1 day before the rest of the party, who are due to arrive tonight. Being diabetic, I didn’t want to take the risk of being off balance when we start the very intensive trip ahead of us.
And I am happy I did. The last couple of weeks have been very hectic and this extra day was a welcome break, acclimatizing and exploring the capital while getting my bearings.

Grumpy Camel…and recruitment?

After weeks of roaming the deserts around Jeddah without spotting a camel, this weekend I finally encountered a random herd. Of course I have seen the ‘ship of the desert’ during my stay in Saudi Arabia, but always in a conserved and unnatural manner. Never in the wild like this.