About Andre Vondeling

“Only if we understand, can we care. Only if we care, we will help. Only if we help, they shall be saved.”
Jane Goodall

Andre Vondeling has been fascinated by nature from an early age. The moment he discovered how to capture this fascination in an image, his passion for nature photography was born.

From a photographic perspective,  Andre chooses his subjects by intuition and observation, and is particularely inspired by animals. From an industrious scarab beetle to imposing lions, from frightening hyena’s to majestic eagles. Every animal has it’s own set of characteristics that he tries to capture in his animal portraits.

Andre travels the world using his photography to raise awareness for the breathtaking beauty, but above all the vulnerability of our worlds ecosystem and the neccessity to protect it. Things in general are not going well for our environment and we do need to realise we all are part of nature and not above it!

Andre is very active on the social media channels, so keep up with his photographic adventures


Andre Vondeling about
Intuitive Photography

“This photo was shot in the Middle East, at one of the most wistful, uninspiring spots at the coast I have ever been. I really had to make an effort not to get any of the garbage like fishing nets, plastic and other waste of our modern life in the picture as well.
And in the middle of all this dreadfull chaos, this crab was the only thing that moved on the rocks …”