Vondeling Photography aims to capture nature's overwhelming beauty and vulnerable balance in such a way, that viewers can't feel anything but gratefull for being part of this world. A world that deserves to be protected, nurtured and passed on to future generations, ideally in even better shape than today.

Award Winning Photos

As a photographer I like to participate in Photo Contests. Being awarded or winning a contest is always awesome and inspires me to push myself to improve.

Animal Portraits

Just like humans, every animal has its own characteristics and unique features. They have their moods and their emotions. My ultimate challenge is to capture this in my photos.

Animals in Environment

Animals going through their everyday routine of searching food, fighting for territory or just being lazy and enjoying a ray of sun. Their true beauty is best captured in their natural environment.

Flora & Landscapes

Zooming out to capture impressive landscapes, trying to show the connections between but also showing the beauty of flora around us. The lens is my ultimate tool to reveal the beauty of the world we live in.

Macro images

Getting close to nature, that for me is the true definition of Macro photography. It gives you a sense of control and detail you hardly get using any other technique.

All photos on my website are for sale. If you like any photo in particular, for either download or print, please get in touch and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.